Hooray! We’ve done it and flipped the switch – the swissplast plant in #Sargans is now also drawing electricity from the sun!

With a capacity of 500 kWp, the system will make a significant contribution to reducing our #CO2 footprint once again and doing our bit for the environment. 🌍💡 – with this, we cover an estimated 30-40% of our energy with the sun.

This means that the swissplast group, with its plants in Sargans/CH and Ichenhausen/DE, already has 1.2 MWp of its own solar power. 💡 And we are currently planning another plant in Gotha, which will be completed this year. 🌍 With this progress, an impressive 75% of our plants will have switched to solar energy! 🌞🔋

Find out more about swissplast’s sustainability strategy here !

We are proud to make our contribution to environmental protection and look forward to the positive impact on our environment and our company! 🌎💡💚