Technical Components – Function and Design

We manufacture precision housings and complete components for sophisticated devices and systems – in all desired surfaces and special contours.

Our competences – your benefit:

  • Unique position through design and optics

  • New areas of application due to special
    material-specific properties
  • Diverse surfaces and special contours

  • Special solutions for assemblies or through
  • Functional system components

  • Weight-reduced assemblies

  • Materials: all standard thermoplastics but also technical plastics in material thicknesses from 2mm to 14mm, e.g. for metallized surfaces, use of ABS PMMA for high-quality surfaces as well as PC or PMMA as transparent materials.

  • Project management: from the creation of a sketch as a starting point, to the incorporation of the design proposal into the in-house 3D CAD system and the construction of a prototype tool for the creation of samples and pilot series through to series production, we design high-quality, design-oriented, technical components.

Our products and solutions



Commercial vehicles

Building machines

Electric vehicles

Rail traffic