Practical one-way solutions for all types of trays

swissplast also offers disposable solutions for every type of workpiece carrier: Up to a size of 700 x 500 mm, we can also manufacture all workpiece carriers from basic frame trays to container inserts, stackable workpiece carriers, intermediate layers and folding packaging as disposable solutions. We can offer you our disposable solutions from a material thickness of 0.25 mm or for predominantly short-term use.

Praktische Einweglösungen für Werkstückträger aller Bauarten

Examples of one-way solution trays

  • Examples of one-way solution trays
  • stackable blisters
  • stackable blisters
  • Hinged packaging blister with “click” studs
  • Blister as inserter in small load carriers
  • stackable blisters in small load carriers
grüne Blisterverpackung