Stackable or as insert

If your components have to be protected to be delivered in a container such as a small load carrier, large load carrier, Eurotec, Rako, cardboard boxes or also in transport cases, we will develop a workpiece carrier which will be adapted to your requirements.

Werkstückträger für Behälter von swissplast

trays for swissplast containers

  • Stackable (in one direction) in several layers in your specified outer container
  • for use in your outer container
  • anti-twist protection

    • Optically through a color strip
    • Mechanically through a non-symmetrical corner
  • Label pockets (1-, 2- or 3-sided)
  • Identification of the workpiece carrier

    • letter inserts in the tool for customer logos, article numbers
    • Tampon printing
    • Hot stamping
    • screen printing
  • Identification features can be positioned individually

    • Barcode labels
    • RFID Transponder
Werkstückträger für Behälter von swissplast