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swissplast – the climate-neutral thermoforming company

climate protection, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the associated energy savings and energy efficiency improvements are a necessity from an ecological point of view. swissplast contributes its part to a more resource-efficient society!

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Implement climate protection, not just talk about it!

The swissplast® group, as one of the largest companies in the field of thermoforming with four plants in Europe, is once again undertaking the pioneering role in environmental protection. Already CO2 neutral in production since 2013, swissplast® will now go even one step further in 2021! swissplast® neutralizes the complete CO2 emissions of all manufactured and sold products – from cradle-to-customer plus waste!

swissplast® is probably the first plastic thermoforming company in the world to undertake full responsibility for the CO2 emissions caused for all its manufactured products. Since 2013, long before many other companies in the industry, swissplast® has been committed to climate-neutral production.

Now it goes one step further. In the past few months, swissplast®-management, together with a certified partner, has calculated the CO2 emissions of all products on the basis of the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard” (GHG Protocol).

The “cradle-to-customer plus waste” approach was used for the calculation. The life cycle phases taken into account thus include the extraction of raw materials and packaging, relevant logistics processes, the manufacture of the product, the delivery of the goods to the customer’s factory gate and relevant disposal emissions of the product and the packaging.

Which climate project is supported?

Due to personal ties, swissplast® decided on a project in India. In a rural region in India, wind turbines generate environmentally friendly electricity. They replace the usual power plants in this area, avoiding amounts of greenhouse gases and pollution.

Plastics – too bad to throw away

At some point, every thermoformed product comes to the end of its life cycle. Then it is ready for disposal. Plastics offer three completely different possibilities.

  • Recycling by mechanical preparation
  • Recycling by splitting of the plastics
  • Recycling by burning of the plastics

Our enterprise processes approximately all plastic wastes to a high-quality regenerate by means of material recycling. The waste is pre-sorted, shredded, mechanically edited. This regenerated material is reused in our own products to close the cycle. You can also read our report on plastics recycling.

Our industry takes responsibility. The Swiss Plastics Association provides additional information at: We bear responsibility.

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