With the help of the plastic parts manufactured by swissplast®, KYBURZ Switzerland produces a puristic, road legal electric sports car with a range of up to 140km. The eRod is available in three versions. swissplast® produces a total of 12 different casing parts for these electric vehicles from cooled aluminum series tools.

The eRod is a puristic, street-legal sports car. Uncompromising in terms of technology and handling, it offers passionate drivers the maximum driving pleasure. The powerful electric drive provides the thrust that gives pleasure – pure driving – on the race track as well as on the mountain pass road. A ride with the eRod is an incomparable appearance and an individual statement.

The specialists at swissplast® are very proud to manufacture twelve different casing parts made of thermoformed plastic for this unique electric vehicle. In addition to smaller parts, the almost 1,400 x 1,400 mm front cover or the technically very sophisticated 1,270 x 255 x 370 mm battery cover is of course also available. Once again, the swissplast® team impressively proved that thanks to the great cooperation and a lot of extra effort, the customer project, which was critical in terms of deadlines, could be realized and delivered on time.

With swissplast®, the statement “partner” is not just a buzzword. A Partnership is lived out, whether with customers, suppliers or, of course, with employees. The resulting plastic quality of our thermoforming products, as well as the willingness to perform in all aspects of our activities, results in the greatest possible benefit for our customers.

“As a Swiss developer and producer of electric vehicles for the international market, we are very challenged in purchasing. We put our long-standing supplier and partner swissplast® to the test again and again. swissplast® continues to assert itself as an A-supplier even after years and scores with quality, empathy and fair prices. swissplast® completed the project for us in record time and to our complete satisfaction. “

Fabian Hächler, Purchasing Manager
KYBURZ Switzerland