⚡ Electrostatic discharge (ESD) – the invisible phenomenon that makes a big difference in industry! ESD occurs when electrostatic charges build up and then discharge abruptly. This can damage sensitive electronics, but can also lead to costly downtime in production. The use of ESD-safe materials and technologies is therefore crucial to ensure product quality and process integrity. swissplast is a leading manufacturer of ESD packaging and ESD containers!
💡 ESD finds its place in numerous industries. From electronics to semiconductor production, from pharmaceuticals to the aerospace industry – the areas of application are diverse. Even in sensitive areas such as medical laboratories or clean rooms, ESD plays a key role in preventing unwanted electrostatic discharges. A look at the wide range of applications shows how important it is to implement ESD measures in various sectors.

📦 ESD containers from swissplast: swissplast is characterized by high-quality ESD packaging that is developed in close cooperation with customers, raw material producers and testing institutes. The collective know-how flows into the production of safe plastic containers with antistatic properties, including ESD boxes, stackable containers and crates, which are individually tailored to size and quantity. With many years of experience in sourcing and processing conductive materials and certified production by trained specialists, swissplast offers a comprehensive range of ESD packaging solutions, including polystyrene containers, for controlled discharge of electrostatic fields.

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