One should celebrate the festivals as they come – and this festival is a very special one: swissplast® will be celebrating its 10th Birthday on the 4th of May 2021. After the takeover of Blumer Kunststoffe with 27 employees, the swissplast® brand was registered by owner Barac S. Bieri on 4th of May 2011. Reason enough to take a look at the company’s extremely successful development.

Even when it was founded, Barac S. Bieri had a clear vision of the swissplast® brand: sustainable and economical production of high-quality and unusual plastic parts that are versatile and have a long service life. A special focus has always been on values such as partnership, economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Said and done! All production has been CO2-neutral since 2013. The other points of the company philosophy also soon bore fruit. The high quality standards convinced the customers and soon allowed swissplast® to expand into the international market. In 2017, the company s-plast GmbH was founded in Gotha, Germany. In 2018 AL-KO Plast GmbH and 2019 CAP Vakuform, two more companies in southern Germany, were integrated into the swissplast® group. In just ten years, swissplast® has developed into a market leader for plastic parts with four locations and employs about 200 permanent employees. A fantastic growth!

swissplast® landed a special coup in 2021, ensuring that not only production but the entire product cycle – including raw material extraction, up to the customers location and recycling – can be CO2-neutral. With this ambitious project, swissplast® is setting new standards in the thermoformed plastics industry.

In ten years alone, the family company swissplast® has come an incredible way with a great team. We can already look forward to what the next ten years will bring.

Happy Birthday, swissplast®!


swissplast® group is an owner-managed company specializing in exceptional plastic parts with production facilities in Switzerland and Germany. The group focuses primarily on the thermoforming of high-quality, technically sophisticated plastics. swissplast® group is characterized by customer satisfaction, flawless products, sustainable economy and the latest technologies and materials.