Did you know that #swissplast is also active in #heating construction?

In winter, they are essential to prevent us from freezing at home: heaters. They can be found in every building and provide pleasant warmth. swissplast has been active in heating and sanitary construction for many years and manufactures plastic cladding parts for a wide range of heating systems.

The challenge in cladding heating systems lies in the variety of heating types: Whether central boiler heating systems, water boilers, heat pumps or water storage tanks – swissplast can guarantee every conceivable shape for its cladding parts thanks to its thermoforming and CNC processing capabilities. Our customers have complete freedom of choice when it comes to curves, corners, perforations, recesses, notches or colors. In addition, our plastic parts are resistant to water and chemicals and their low weight makes transportation and installation easier.

In heating construction, we can also pursue another core promise that we pursue at swissplast: #environmentalprotection and climate neutrality. Just as our plastic parts are manufactured in a CO2-neutral way, new heating systems also aim to work efficiently and leave the smallest possible CO2 footprint. In this way, swissplast is playing its part in the #energytransition.

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