Keller AG Ziegeleien manufactures the KeX® thrust element with the help of the plastic parts manufactured by swissplast®. This is the key to earthquake-proof brick masonry. But Melitta, one of the best-known brands when it comes to coffee, also relies on the high-quality products manufactured by swissplast®.

KeX, the key to earthquakes
With the KeX® System a well-tried construction method with brick masonry can be easily and quickly dimensioned, planned and built earthquake-proof. Shear behavior and out-of-plane (failure across the wall) are controlled with the KeX® system by the built-in shear elements. Masonry walls in the KeX® System ensure a very high load-bearing capacity (aftershock, rescue, etc.) even after earthquake impact. swissplast® supplies the necessary “plastic baking molds” so that the KeX® thrust elements can be manufactured industrially. Thus, the shear elements can be manufactured by Keller AG Ziegeleien in a process-safe and cost-optimised manner.

“The cooperation with swissplast® was an enriching experience for us as concrete element manufacturers. Thanks to swissplast®’s extensive knowledge and understanding of our concerns, a new, efficient and production-optimised formwork system was created for us within a short time.”

Max Wassmer, Head of Innovation Management
Keller AG Brickworks

30’000 cups per second
Worldwide, approximately 30,000 cups of coffee are consumed per second. Melitta makes coffee a pleasure. For example, the new Melitta XT6 and CT8 coffee machines, manufactured in Switzerland, rely on high-quality products. The specialists at swissplast® are very proud to manufacture plastic interior parts for both machines. At Cafina, a Melitta company, these are built into the coffee machines mentioned above.

“The cooperation with swissplast® is still quite young, but our experience is quite positive and we therefore, expect a further expansion of these business relationships.”

Vera Szallies, Purchasing
Melitta System Service GmbH & Co. KG.