Plastic intermediate layers: nestable and stackable over the components

Interlayers are a special design challenge. Not only the nests must correspond to the component, but also the bottom of the workpiece carrier above must fit exactly to the contour on the upper side of the workpiece to be transported: as with an egg carton. In terms of design, we call stackability above the components. So, you can use the tray as a safety plate and as a cover to protect the components.

nestbar und stapelbar

Intermediate layers made of plastic by swissplast

  • Intermediate layers on a pallet or large capacity load carrier
  • Intermediate layers in a stanchion frame
  • anti-twist protection

    • Optically through a color strip
    • Mechanically through a non-symmetrical corner, for example
    • Torsion protection by the contour of the workpiece carrier
  • label pockets
  • Identification of the workpiece carrier

    • letter inserts in the tool for customer logos, article numbers or similar
    • Tampon printing
    • Hot stamping
    • screen printing
  • Identification features can be positioned individually

    • Barcode labels
    • RFID Transponder
Zwischenlagen aus Kunststoff

Application examples for nestable and stackable plastic intermediate layers

  • Intermediate layers for stanchion racks

  • Intermediate layers for large capacity load carriers

  • Intermediate layers in small load carriers

  • Stackable intermediate layers for volume reduction