Plastic components for motorhomes

Technical components

Technical components

Plastic mouldings for fully integrated vehicles

Plastic components for motorhomes are another core competence of swissplast. There are many possibilities for thermoforming applications in the caravan and motorhome industry. swissplast supplies practically all major manufacturers in the industry. As a proud market leader, swissplast is continuously working on improving the design, reliability, durability and performance of plastic mouldings for motorhomes.

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Plastic components for motorhomes and caravans

We have the complete set of suitable solutions exactly for your needs in caravans, caravans and motorhomes. We manufacture plastic mouldings for the interior and exterior of all vehicles in every available colour and grain combination: from interior fittings to door linings, wet cell, dashboard to exterior fittings for alcove linings, rear light carriers, wheel covers and much more.

Kunststoffkomponenten für Reisemobile, Wohnwagen und Caravan

Plastic moulded parts made to measure

Lightweight, custom-made plastic products have long been an important alternative to heavy metal parts and offer excellent UV resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. With our plastic components for your motorhome, you can ensure that your vehicle remains in better condition and has a longer service life with little effort.

Kunststoff-Formteile nach Maß für Caravan Wohnwagen

Plastic components for motorhomes by swissplast

  • for indoor use in motorhomes and commercial vehicles

  • Class A surfaces

  • UV and weather resistant

  • Dimensionally accurate to meet the highest requirements for gap tolerances

  • sophisticated look and feel

  • ready-to-install components / multi-part structure

  • certified and tested quality

  • Material: ABS with one-sided TPU coating

  • Use of special adhesives

  • lamination with fabric and leather

Plastic components for rear light carrier in mounted version

  • ready-to-install components including luminaires and cable set

  • Outdoor use on motorhomes

  • UV and weather resistant

  • Meets highest optical requirements

  • Splash-proof

  • Material: ABS/PMMA silver or ASA black

  • Multi-part glued superstructure

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Additional technical components

swissplast - Kunststoffkomponenten für Caravans

Plastic component for caravans

Technical components

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Elektrischer LKW

Plastic components for commercial vehicles

Technical components

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